The Wine

The Wine

Oregon Wine Experience provides the perfect opportunity for guests to experience the vastness of Oregon’s unrivaled wine.

Oregon wineries have steadily garnered national and international attention over the years, and for good reason. A diversity of micro-climates and variance in soil type gives growers the opportunity to have variety and quality. From sparkling wine and rosé, to riesling and viognier; from pinot noir and syrah, to tempranillo and port, Oregon’s wine variety will satisfy anyone’s palate.

Those fortunate enough to explore the region will discover another captivating perk: incredible scenic beauty with a small-town community feel. On a national scale, Oregon is the third largest wine grape producing state, yet remains focused on producing small-batch artisan wine. In fact, most Oregon wineries are relatively small, producing fewer than 5,000 cases a year. Keeping wine production small ensures that winemakers have the time and energy to nurture each and every vine, cluster and barrel into wines of superior flavor and concentration.

In Oregon, it’s not uncommon to find the winemaker behind the counter pouring the wine. And in many cases, visitors get to taste small-batch vintages only available in the winery’s tasting room. Add on the fertile valleys, forested hillside, and crystal-clear rivers that provide the backdrop to a number of vineyards and wineries, and it’s easy to imagine why people are hooked. The pleasant and peaceful tasting rooms, breathtaking views and friendly staff create an atmosphere that’s uniquely Oregon!

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